SoulFly Deluxe: Album of the Year?

Last week Rod Wave dropped the Deluxe version of his album SoulFly, which includes an additional nine songs along with the original album. It seems like Rod Wave has been trending up in the rap game for the past couple years, as listeners love his soul style and how his songs are about his come-up and suffering earlier in life. His 2020 album "Pray for Love" was a great success, including the hit single "Rags to Riches", and he might have topped that with this most recent project.

Rod leaked "Escape" a few months ago on twitter and the speculation was immense. This song was included on this deluxe, and it did not disappoint. the first song, "2019" shows his affection towards a significant other, and how things changed as he got bigger in the rap game. The song "Get Ready" features Kodak Black, who delivers a career verse, and is my favorite song in the album. Lil Durk is featured in "Already Won", which rounds out the two features that are on the deluxe. When looking at the rest of the album, "Tombstone", "Richer (feat. Polo G)" and "OMDB" are hits, while most of the other songs are solid as well.

I was a big Rod Wave fan before this deluxe dropped, and I haven't stopped listening to it since. The songs have great stories about his life and experiences becoming famous, and the beats that are included are fantastic. It isn't just me who has this opinion, either. Cowboys rookie Micah Parsons tweeted his approval for Rod Wave:

In my opinion, this is probably the best album that has been released so far this year. While there's still a lot of time left for other artists to take this crown before 2021 is over, Rod Wave is in the driver's seat.

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