South Park Back for 6 Seasons and 14(!) Movies for a Record Setting $900M

"Respect my athoritah" - Matt Stone and Trey Parker

ViacomCBS which owns Comedy Central has finally adequately paid the dual kings of raunchy, satirical comedy Matt Stone and Trey Parker in a deal worth $900M. What the hell??? South Park has been a staple of late night cartoons since before I was born and has aged like a fine wine. But $900 MILLION? The typical season of South Park in recent years has been 10 episodes. Let's say the money is split down the middle for seasons vs movies at $450M each. That's $7.5M each episode and $32M for each movie. Talking about cashing in.

With 14 movies coming, I can't help but think of all the possibilities they'll have for conjoined stories. They already joked about a cinematic universe in the Coon and Friends episodes and I think its a very good possibility we see at least some of the 14 to turn into an MCU parody Coon and Friends universe. Professor Chaos as a Thanos level villain or maybe even a Loki type of anti-hero would be absolute comedy.

Inject more South Park into my veins until the end of time. Ike fucking his teacher (nice.), Cartman feeding that ginger his own parents, and Kenny dying on repeat (You Bastards!) are all things for better or for worse, I can't wait to show my kids. And from the sound of it South Park will still be going strong by then.

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