The Giants are Making the Playoffs

Two weeks ago I got on the Tied Up Instagram and straight up said fuck it, the Giants are making the playoffs, and since that day the Giants haven't lost a game. Before you say well they played two dogs shit teams' just do me a favor and listen.

The Giants are sitting at 4-7, which by my standards isn't completely awful given that Saquan got hurt in game 2, and we fired our offensive line coach just before the start of our little winning streak.

Before we get into dissecting the games lets just break down the roster:

QB: Daniel Jones, Colt McCoy

Danny Dumbells isn't what we thought he was... he's actually better in some regards, but worse in others. What we thought we were getting with DJ was a pure pocket passer, with accuracy, however it just takes one quarter of watching the offense go to work to realize that's just not who he is, he turns the ball over and is careless... but show me a successful QB that doesn't take risks. What Daniel Jones is good at is running the ball, making the opposing defenses keep a spy on him, as well as not giving a shit about anything other than the game. He's not hesitating on throws he thinks are risky, he's not scared of defenders rushing him, he's not nervous when its a close game, the dude gives no fucks, and this mentality will take the Giants to the playoffs. If Colt McCoy is at QB though just stop reading, I refuse to even put myself in the mindset that DJ won't be back, so I'm completely ignoring that possibility

RB: Wayne Gallman, Alfred Morris, a mix of other guys (Saquan IR obviously)

What a surprise this guy (Wayne Gallman) has been out of Clemson. Dudes been on the Giants for what feels like has been forever (really just three seasons) and we have barely used him because of Saquan... what a travesty. Gallman, like Daniel Jones, is another guy who just tries to win, doesn't care about numbers or what people have to say to him after the game, he just goes out there and tries to make the most out of the opportunity he has been blessed with when Saquan went down. The Giants Running Back by committee system seems to be working with Gallman at the helm, and in all seriousness you do need to consider the Giants are better without the predictability having a guy like Saquan brings to the team (this isn't Saquan Slander, just saying the Giants may play better for some reason with a RB committee).

WR: Shepherd, Golden Tate, Darius Slayton, Evan Engram

Looking at these guys its weird to think that Engram is the biggest liability out of the bunch. Golden Tate has had his share of fuck ups this season, yet still the Evan Engram is the receiving problem. Yes, he is a matchup problem, and no I am not saying the Giants should move him next offseason, BUT lets keep an eye on him. He drops the ball, he's not the ideal big tight end that can go up there and fight for the ball, but he runs relatively clean routes and can create space an running for himself. That being said these Giants Pass Catchers are good enough to make dare I say a little playoff run when they make it. Every single one of these guys is capable of putting up 120 yards and 3 TD in a game, and defenses can't afford sleep on any of them. We know Daniel Jones loves to take the big shot and the fact that all of these guys are not only deep threats, but can create space on slants and post routes, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a couple of these guys explode down the stretch of the season

OLine: Andrew Thomas, Will Hernandez, the guy we got from the Browns last year and smoother bozos

Look, the line is trash but Daniel Jones can run, and with Judge at the helm as line coach they look better, or at least they look like they're trying to be better. Overall, I think if the Giants get there confidence up with a big win in the next few weeks the spark will be lit, and maybe they'll play a little better.

D Line: Dalvlin Tomlinson, Dexter Lawrence, Leonard Williams BJ Hill

The Giants D line has been improving as the past few weeks have gone by, with Dexter Lawrence making his presence known as he seems to be on the cusp of breaking out and the emergence of Leonard Williams with 6 sacks thus far into the season as he is 3/4 of the way done with his contract year. This D Line is mid, that's no secret, that being said its more of a question as to rather they can gel at the right time. Tomlinson and Lawrence against the run, with Williams and the help of Linebackers Blake Martinez and Kyler Fackrell getting guys down in the backfield.

Line Backers: Blake Martinez, Kyler Fackrell, Lorenzo Carter

A below average line backer core, with mid potential if Lorenzo Carter could come back to playing up to how he played last year. On the bright side Blake Martinez has I think surprised a lot of guys and "experts" along the way with not only his play but his leadership. I think if the Giants are to surprise anybody down the stretch or ever dare I say in the playoffs it will continent on obviously Daniel Jones, but guys like Blake Martinez galvanizing the team and giving them something to believe in.

Corner Backs: James Bradberry, Logan Ryan, Julian Love, Isaac Yiadom

Julien love fucking sucks, but Yiadom is showing promise. That being said the clear stars of the show are Bradberry and Logan Ryan. Bradberry, a shoe in for a pro bowl appearance as he is appearing to be a real lock down corner, and Logan Ryan having a good year, give the Giants something they haven't had in a long time... a formidable pass defense. Although Bradberry is the best defensive player on the team (in my eyes), Logan Ryan as the old head of the defense really needs to get this defense to buy in to the underdog mentality, the "we don't belong here... they don't want to see us win" mentality. If he can do that I think it will elevate guys like Love and Yiadom down the stretch, and even Peppers to be a better leader from the safety spot.

Safety's: Jabrill Peppers, and a mix of other guys

The Giants don't have a second good safety to compliment Jabrill, but at the same time Jabrill is such an athlete he does much more than just being a safety. From special teams, to linebacker, to rushing the passer Jabrill does everything, and he's pretty fucking fun to watch. I like where Jabrill is at, and if he can keep his energy up I think the Giants will be in a good spot.

Current Record 4-7

Remaining Schedule:

WK 13: Seattle Seahawks L

WK 14: Arizona Cardinals L

WK 15: Cleveland Browns W

WK: 16: Baltimore Ravens W

WK: 17 Dallas Cowboys W

Seasons End: 7-9

The Giants are a mid team, we know what Daniel Jones is, but he needs to understand he can't do it all, something coaches around the league have been saying about hime this season, "The kid, he just tries to do too much, he'll be fine" - Bruce Arians. That being said the defense is below average, despite Bradberry being a bright star for us. Despite this, the Giants have time and promise, and if they can't get it together this season (I think the will but still), than expect it to be done by next season. Hopes are high in New York, this is a playoff Team that I believe will surprise more than a few people with solid but losing performances in Seattle and Arizona, Good performance in Cleveland and Baltimore (two Fraud QB's = Giants W), and a close win in Dallas to close out the season. Somehow, 7-9 I think is good enough for there Giants to sneak in, and I think they'll do just that,

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