The NFL is Back

Right now I am about halfway through the Chiefs Texans game and here are my takeaways

1. Face Shield Andy Reid:

Andy Reid is nearing his truest and most full form. The only thing he needs is 10 degree weather and a crisp new pair of Khakis shorts with a Hawaiin T-shirt on to reach his peak, and if this season goes how I think its going to go, I think we may just see it.

2. Patrick Mahomes is Deshaun Watsons Father:

Look, I understand that the two may be friends but in the nicest and most sincere way possible, fuck that, because I see what most people don't. Im sure the whole sports world right now has seen the video of Watson running into Mahomes and Mahomes patting him on the helmet and thought, wow the two young superstars and likely career rivals are friends, that's great... Well if you thought that get your brain checked because something is off. Mahomes clearly is sinning Watson here, giving him a nice pat on th helmet almost to say, good job sport! Get em next time!

3. Clyde-Edwards Helaire looks like then real deal (until he eventually tears an ACL):

I was a big "fuck you if you draft Clyde in the first round guy", but it looks like I'm dead wrong. I don't know what his stats are to this point but what I do know is the guy is explosive as hell, has great vision and seems to be touching the ball *pause* a lot. I am going to have to wait and see what CMC, Saquan and Zeke do week one, but he may just be my early pick for the rushing title. Only thing I question is how many times he gets the ball, if they don't give him a break by week 8 he'll be made of glass, he's not built like Zeke or Saquan and definitely isn't the athlete CMC is, he's a rookie in a great system, play him like it Andy.

4. Watson Misses Hopkins:

Of course this is obvious, but on the first play of the game when he threw a great fade ball to Will Fuller and he dropped it, it was evident. The fact that Bill O'Brien actually convinced himself a plethora of mediocre wide receivers paired with a mediocre TE (collateral damage, sorry Darren Fells) would make up for the production they got from Hopkins is unfathomable. Look for this to be O'Brien's las year after a mediocre playoff run from the Texans.

5. David Johnson Looks Good again:

If your smart and not stupid you can see that what the Texans appear to be doing with David Johnson is working. The dude has had some off years but he appears to be healthy and ready to go again. As long as they continue to mis other guys in and not force David Johnson to touch the ball 20+ time a game he may just play the whole season, and for a guy of him athleticism, mind, vision and experience, I expect him to be a top 10 Running Back this year.


Alright So I just started the 4th Quarter and I think I've seen enough. Here are my new Takeaways:

1. Everything I said about David Johnson I take back:

Bill O'Brien is a bonified dummy getting paid to coach a real NFL team with generational QB talent because of a few good college seasons. Fire him tomorrow. David Johnson is still average. Starting to think the injuries never mattered and that one amazing season he had in what feels like decades ago was a fluke

2. Kansas City Defense is Good:

They always were good don't get me wrong, but because their offense is so insane it makes their defense look average. They are not. Turnovers, sacks, QB rushes. You name it they do it. This defense is elite.

3. Hilaire is Really Fucking Good:

I am a dumbs and I have never hated myself more for shit talking the kid. Dude is about to have a hell of a season and probably win OROY, as well a rushing title (barring no ACL injury which for some reason I feel like is a possibility) and probably a super bowl. He fits well and he runs hungry. Reminds me of a young Saquan (yes I am giants fan get over it or click away).

4. JJ Watt is still scary:

He's gotten a ton of rushes against a good offense line, as well as at time breaking up the run game early. If you for some weird reason think that JJ Watt is washed up just remember if you were a QB or a running back trying to avoid JJ Watt you would be throwing the football lighting quick or running lightning fast to get out of the way every-time. It may not show up in the stat sheet but the man shows the fuck up.

5. Sammy Watkins is actually pretty good at football, kinda:

I am 100% sure, and there is not a single fiber in my body that tells me its different, this is because he is playing with Pat Mahomes, so lets just get that out of the way I acknowledge it. But lets not forget that Sammy Watkins used to weigh a million pounds when he played for the Bills and couldn't catch a spicy chicken sandwich from Chicfila if he had too at the time. Now? He's running good routes and catching 100 mph footballs thrown from every direction from the best QB in football. Congrats Samuel.

6. Mahomes looks like he was worth the half a bill:

Obviously the only way to truly tell if he was worth it would to go the future and see what he has done over the 10 yr span. But he literally looks unstoppable. Like actually how the fuck does one stop Patrick Mahomes?? If JJ Watt can't do it then I don't know who can, and don't fucking tell me its because JJ is old, I guarantee Aaron Donald can't do it either.

7. Lastly, Watson may never beat Mahomes ever:

It looks like its gonna be a Drew Brees Tom Brady Rivalry. They never really played when it mattered because drew was never there when Brady was, but also Brady was always just better, there was never a point in time where you could look at yourself in the mirror and convince yourself Drew was better than Brady. I was really hoping for some real rivalry but Mahomes is Watson cryptonite. A goddamn travesty they are playing in the same era.

**BONUS** Didn't put this in because it is evidently obvious (I think those words mean the same thing but whatever)

The Bears suck and will suck from now until the end of time.

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