BREAKING: Dennis Schroeder Agrees to Deal With Lakers. The Lakers Do not Agree.

It is not too long since Dennis Schroder was turning down a multi year 84 Million Dollar deal. Fast Forward one long Lakers season later and he is sitting on hold with Verizon in his living room wondering why he is not receiving any texts or calls. Or should I say texts or calls from from THIS country, because he is about a week away from getting calls from a familiar team overseas:

I am not sure is we should we blaming his agent for convincing him he was going to get 100 Million or for him not to realize the number of talented point guards available this offseason.

The Lakers were quite fine moving on to Russel Westbrook, Melo, and some other old heads and just like that everyone was wondering where his next team will be. Well looks like everyone but Dennis himself according to his updated Instagram bio..

A lot of emotions for Dennis Schroeder for sure right now. I'm sure he thought the Knicks with all of their cap would throw him a bone.. *KNICKS SIGN KEMBA WALKER*

He played himself and the bag was fumbled. However, lets not forget the guy does have talent. He is surely not the 100 Million player he thought he was, but if he keeps slipping through the cracks a team may just find themselves a steal off the bench.

They may. Don't get any ideas @Knicks..

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