The Steelers Need Mac Jones

Updated: Aug 5

As I'm sure you have all seen the rumors. Pittsburgh Steelers want Ben Roethisberger back for another season. I really don't know if we were looking at the same QB. Did this front office not watch their embarrassing playoff loss to the Browns?

Not a great look for this team. He has won them a championship before, so I understand their commitment to the guy, but coming from a Giants fan who had to let Eli go, its time to move on. They won't though.

I was an advocate for trading for Sam Darnold. The Jets QB would fit their system and is built like Ben, so the match seemed too good to be true. Maybe he could reach his full potential. Big Sam, Sam I Am, the nicknames could be great. But I do think he needs to be starting though, so with Ben coming back this looks unlikely. The draft is the place to find his future replacement.

Then it hit me.

Big Ben ---> Big Mac

Mac Jones is the guy the Steelers need. Mac is more than just a big bodied College QB. He led the Alabama Crimson Tide to the 2020 College Football Playoff championship. No, he is not a mobile QB and that is big for todays NFL. The guy has a big time arm and fits the Big Ben system. I am not the biggest advocate about trading up too high to get him and that may be a necessity come draft night, but I think a year behind Ben could do a lot for Mac Jones as the future Steelers QB.

Plus the opportunity for the nickname Big Mac name is can't miss.

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