The Suicide Squad is James Gunn's Masterpiece (Spoiler Free)

Just got home from the theaters and I'm still in awe of this movie. James Gunn nailed it again. He'll take your trash and not just make it treasure, but the city of damn gold. Might as well be treasure though because this is going to make WB an ASSLOAD of money.

The depth of the characters absolutely stole the show. Gunn has a very unique way of highlighting the quirky, uniqueness of his heroes/anti-heroes and turning it into their relatable vulnerability that makes them not so super. Without spoiling anything, there is an completely absurd character who once the background of his powers was explained, became both tragic and hilarious at the same time. Only James Gunn can tote that line without sacrificing the true plot of the film.

This movie is VERY different than its predecessor which came out in 2016 and Gunn lets you know within the first minutes of the movie. He gives the audience a strong sense of how disposable these people are to a sociopath like Amanda Waller. Which is exactly what a Suicide Squad movie should look like; a revolving door of C-List villains who just can't catch a damn break.

The music is all encompassing and the cinematography was the best I've seen in a super hero movie (MAYBE with the exception of Endgame).This will be the most fun you have at the theaters or on your couch, because its also streaming on HBO Max, you'll have this summer. Oh and just so you know.... Idris Alba > Will Smith

I'm going to start a rating system for all the movies I review on the blog so we'll start it off with a well-deserved 9.1/10.

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