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The Tied Up Crew as A Presidential Cabinet

One of the things which makes Tied Up Entertainment LLC stand out from all other media platforms is the people who make it what it is. Each member of Tied Up brings their own personality which can light up a room no matter how big or how small...or really small if we’re talking about the Tied Up Pod. Nonetheless each member plays an imperative role in the success of the company and to highlight this we decided to create a presidential cabinet out of all our members. Each position has a meaning behind it; whether a serious one or just to make fun of them… you decide which. We have a few new members as well, so this is a good way to get to know them while also getting to know all our bloggers better too. Enjoy.

Murray -President

Ah yes, Michael Murray. Our founder and President was a clear choice; he would be the one to helm this ship of degenerates we call Tied Up Entertainment. His time and effort put into this company does not come un-noticed and the results can be clearly seen through our success through social media. A Long Island native Murray would die for Danny Dimes and The Giants, while I’m not sure if the same can be said for Julius Randle he sure as hell has high hopes for the Knicks.

Dan (Slush)- Vice President

Vice President, Murray’s number two. The Vice President plays a crucial role in the Presidential Cabinet- Imma be real I don’t think me or you know what the Vice President does besides stand there and know how to talk or take over after the president dies, but if Murray does die (very possible) then Dan is standing by ready to take over. Another Long Island native Dan lives and breathes New York sports... And a weird addiction to the new Jake from State Farm; but if you listen to the Tied Up Pod you would know that already.

Caleb (Baleb)- Secretary of State

Clearly the best Tied Up member. I’m kidding (kinda), but as one of the first acquired members following the creation of Tied Up I have proven myself to be versatile across every atmosphere and in some ways have tried myself to be a ‘glue guy’ of the company. Secretary of State is third in line god forbid both President and VP died, and while if Murray and Dan both died I would definitely be able to take over efficiently, but would 100% do something stupid along the way. Big Boston sports fan across every spectrum- Fuck the Yankees

Hickey (Bone)- Attorney General

A savant with his words Johnny Hickey knows what to say and how to say it. Would trust this kid with my life defending me in a dark alley or on trial simple as that. I don’t think it's possible to replicate what goes on through his mind because once you think you know; you realize it's way more crazy than you think. No like for real, some of the things I’ve witnessed him say in group chats blows my mind.

Nativo (J Roc)- Secretary of Defense

This is one of those things where it's a you know if you know type of thing. Co-host of Tied Up University John Nativo knows everything there is to know about college football and the Fraud Steelers. Not sure if people have been keeping track but this week he is going up against Cactus Matt for last place in our fantasy football league- loser has to do a lemonade stand in the middle of our college campus dressed in an outfit determined by the winner.

Twoops (Double T)- Secretary of homeland security

Familiar with homeland security...but on the opposite end, it was clear Twoops was destined for this job. Twoops and Scoops are where the term Die Hard Boston fans comes from and it can be clearly seen on the Ride The Couch podcast, where he, Scoops and Cam take on each NFL game week by week.

Scoops- Secretary of Agriculture

Scoops knows his agriculture. That is all that needs to be said.

Cam (Ranch Cam)- Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Cam is the only reason the total IQ of Tied Up does not add up to 3 ½. Whether it's the long hard hours editing all the Tied Up videos or his knowledge on all things sports and film, he’s intelligent in all of it. If anyone deserves to get a raise it's gotta be Cam- Tied Up has single handedly taken years off his life between the late nights of editing or his egregious food challenges… New challenge on way soon? Possible competition? We shall see.

Leniart- Secretary of Transportation

As many of you may know, Mike Leniart went to school in West Virginia. I don’t know the correlation between that and Secretary of Transportation, but it is what it is. You can name any professional basketball or football player and he’d tell you what school they went to- I wish I was kidding.

Kenny- U.S. Trade Representative

If there was one way I’d like to introduce one of our new bloggers Andrew Kenny it would have to be him being 18 mimosas deep in a heated argument with a Boston sports fan on NJ Transit, where people three cars over could hear him. All things Baseball and Mets he knows it. Looking forward to seeing what he has in store for us.

Demarco (Trick Cannon)- Secretary of the Treasury

Another new addition to the Tied Up Crew we got Demarco. If you’re like me and don’t know a fucking thing about financial literacy and taxes, well he’s your guy. Nativo (J Roc), Twoops and I one time did in fact convince a girl at a bar that Demarco’s Dad was her childhood soccer coach.. she later went on to add him on snapchat later that night.

Marco- Secretary of Energy

Next we have our newest musical blogger Marco Duarte. While he may not know much about politics he sure as hell will bring the energy when he gets on aux. Looking forward to seeing what he has in store.

Balsamo- Intern

Last but certainly not least we have a familiar face for some of you; Brendan Balsamo. From cameraman to full time blogger he has impressed us from every angle. We are happy to announce that as of a few weeks ago we decided to offer him a full time job at Tied Up. You may have seen his first on-camera performance on the Disney Plus special, but his knowledge of Star Wars is nothing compared to what he knows about Baseball and his Yankees. While I might have him as Intern for comedic purposes, his professionalism and dedication clearly exemplify that of a White House Chief of Staff… Still going to refer to him as an intern though.

Thank you guys for reading, and even more thank you for following Tied Up since its creation last summer-its been a blast. After reading this I hope you know that know of the people listed here will ever be fit for public office.

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