Tied Up Entertainment is Partnering With ThriveFantasy

For everyone who doesn't know ThriveFantasy is a fantasy gambling app that is honestly so much more fun than every other fantasy sports betting app out there. Basically what what they are doing is having you pay to get into contests ( just like a fan duel of a draft kings), but instead of picking guys based off how many fantasy points they are gonna put up, instead you are betting on player props.... Let me explain further

ThriveFantasy has player props for every player, which if you live under a rock and have never bet on one before is simple...heres an example: Tyreek Hill O/U 100 yards receiving vs the Buccaneers. Now, because it is likely that Tyreek will go over, his point value for hitting the over isn't as high as lets say a Sammy Watkins O/U 75 yards receiving would be, even though Tyreek will have the better stats. Riskier picks (like Tyreek Hill Under 100 yards receiving) will get you the most points, and obviously as long as you're not a complete and utter moron you realize that the person who creates the best team (gets the most points) wins the money.

Player Props have always been a fun little thing for gamblers, even me who honestly doesn't do it as much as I should. But I can say with sincerity that I am actually going to be using it this Sunday because it seems like it's a WILD roller coaster of emotions, and overall just a good time.

Download ThriveFantasy or visit their website at thrivefantasy.com

Use promo code TIEDUP when you sign up today and you will receive an instant match bonus up to $50 on your first deposit of $20 or more!

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