Tied Up Entertainment Signs Big D

If you are a fan of Tied Up, watch any of the podcasts or even know us personally there's one thing you'll know for certain... we have big plans for this company. With merch on the way along with the recent success of our podcasts and social media accounts (shout out 1300 followers), we've come to realize that what we have our hands on could actually end up working out if we play our cards right... incomes Big D.

Now I know what your thinking, Murray your companies name is Tied Up Entertainment (LLC don't never forget that) and you recently signed an artist that goes by the name of Big D, aren't you guys a sports page!?!?

Before I get into how you are wrong I would just like to address something, the gif above is objectively funny... in each and every one of your minds you read that and chuckled, let's not overcomplicate that well timed and funny gif.

Now lets get into Big D


Tied Up Entertainment has never been about being just a satirical sport site, the goal is to become a media phenom, if we wanted to be a satirical sport site we would've all just applied to Barstool (plan B for sure), this is where Big D comes into the fold

If you haven't heard Big D's music he's really fucking good, the dude can sing and I can't lie he's a big goofball. Was he my friend before this? Yes, BUT I swear I am not being biased, half of his songs he edited and mixed himself, and the dude barely used autotune.

So me and Dan pretty much saw the opportunity at hand, which was: we are trying to be an ENTERTAINMENT site, and right now we are just in sports... Why not give music a shot? If it doesn't work it doesn't work, that being said listen to "Twisted" or "Nothing on U" (Apple Music & Spotify, I will link it for you lazy fucks) and you'll realize he's not going to fail, and neither are we.

Over the course of the next month look for Tied Up Entertainment LLC (I enjoy saying LLC if you haven't noticed), to grow exponentially. 3 Successful Podcasts, a fast growing social media presence, and a great musician to open the floodgates for more musicians to come.

Stay tuned for what's to come with Big D, but certainly watch out for myself and the rest of the Tied Up Crew, I promise this shit's about to be something special... believe that.

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