TiedUp is Officially a NASCAR Stan Account

I can't speak for all of America, but at least within my circle, the past few weeks have been monumental. With the conclusion of the NFL season, and Tom Brady adding a 7th ring to his resume, many of our Sunday afternoon's opened up. Instead of doing what any normal human-being would do and pickup a hobby, or buy a peloton for the living-room, our circle of degenerate sports aficionados blindly stumbled upon NASCAR.

Before I get into it, let me just note that NASCAR is badass. My blood starts flowing when I punch it at a red light in my Fusion. Imagine doing that behind the wheel of a fuckin rocket ship - you're crazy if you wouldn't love it. The last few weeks have been special. Every left turn is a treat, and racing has been a good change of pace. TiedUp as a whole has unanimously adopted Brad Keselowski - the blue deuce - as our guy. Picking Brad wasn't easy. Bud Light holds a special place in all of our hearts. We've crushed blues cans for as long as we can remember - it's nostalgic, but on Sunday's, we drink Miller.

The Instacart 500 kicks off tomorrow at Phoenix Raceway. Racing starts at 3:30PM, and you best believe we're watching. Team Penske should be strong, and i'd say we're due for a dub for either the 2, 12, or 22. I've thrown around a single DK pick the past few weeks that sticks out to me. This week - Christopher Bell +170 to have the best finish in Group 'D'. Let's Go.


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