Tiger Woods Involved in Dangerous Solo Accident

Earlier today, the illustrious Tiger Woods was involved in a car accident in which left the police using the jaws of life to pry him from his vehicle. Although not life threatening, a deputy at the scene claimed that Woods was “unable to stand on his own”, but luckily, he was conscious and able to communicate. The accident was single vehicle and resulted in a complete turnover that left his 2021 Genesis looking like it woke up Chris Breezy.

He was going downhill on a twisty road and apparently hit a curb and overturned into the bushes. Neighbors filed the report at 7:12 a.m. Tiger was lucid and responsive and showed no signs of impairment according to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy, Carlos Gonzalez.

With injuries to both legs, Tiger Woods could be mounting, quite possibly, another illustrious comeback in the world of golf. After a career full of fame and success, Tiger suffered through four back surgeries and a multitude of personal scandals. He was quoted to have had affairs with over 120 women, which included the daughter of one his neighbors. His wife then chased him out of their house with the seasoned club of a golf legend, and teed off with superb form, utterly destroying his SUV with the power of an entire solo collision.

So now Tiger Faces another seat at rock bottom. But he is a man who can handle adversity with strength. He was caught with countless woman and had his life turned absolutely upside down, and still somehow came back to win another title. So now, we will have the honor of watching one of the most entertaining players in golf hopefully mount another historic comeback.

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