Tom Brady Wins 7th Super Bowl

Wow. Congratulations to the Chiefs on a great season but holy shit, The Tampa Bay Bucaneers actually did it. The game started off as a defensive battle, and left the fans watching and waiting to see who would strike first, and although it was a Chiefs field goal it turns out that Harrison Butker alone can't beat the greatest Quarter Back of all time in the super bowl... who would've thought.

This Super Bow had the makings of the most competitive game of all time, and a legendary passing of the torch, however Super Bowl 55 didn't even almost live up to the hype... making idiots like myself feel absolutely embarrassed for thinking the Chiefs even had a chance this year.

With two Gronk TD's, an Antonio Brown TD, Brady talking shit to Tyrann Mathieu like he hasn't aged a day in his life, and the Bucs defensive line of JPP (has 3 fingers on one hand) and Ndomokung Suh (did NOT kick anyone in the nuts this game) the game only had one conclusion:

The old heads brought it, and the younglings of Pat Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and Clyde-Edwards Hilaire did not.

To say this game was a bad game from Mahomes would be an understatement, dude couldn't move the ball further than 15 yards at a time, and finished the first half with I shit you not 5 or less completions I am sure of it. Tom Brady and the Bucs matched Mahomes and the Chiefs disappointing game with the exceeding of all expectations. Look around, find more than one guy per major sports channel to pick Bradys Bucs to win the big game... I'll wait. What Tom Brady Showed tonight was that he's timeless, the dude doesn't age both physically and mentally, and when I say mentally I mean not only is he keeping HIS mind right but also he dismantled his opponents minds (ie Tyrann Mathieu having an absolute MELTDOWN on the field in the 1st half).

Bradys greatness is unmatched, and as long as people keep doubting him I think he'll keep winning... I mean the dude wins the Super Bowl when he's the underdog and loses the Super Bowl when he's the overwhelming favorite (Giants and Eagles).

PSA: If you think Brady's not playing past 45, your out of your mind

Back to Mahomes though, he's beginning to look more and more like a glorified Aaron Rodgers. The media claimed this guy would be the best of all time, and he just got absolutely destroyed by old man Brady and the Bucs defense, losing when it matters most (Aaron Rodgers esq). I love Mahomes, but its time to stop crowning him the GOAT, or the next in line... he won a great Super Bowl and set a lot of records I get it, but it seems like the hype + the contract are getting to his head. If Mahomes is smart he'll take this as a humbling moment, but we'll see what he's made of.

PS: Andy Reid Deserved better from this team