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Usain Bolt Wagers Gold Medal In Race Against Tyreek Hill

In the past couple of years, Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill has been widely recognized as the fastest player in the NFL and was tagged with the nickname “cheetah”. But just how far does speed in the NFL compare to the rest of the sprinting world? According to Hill, quite closely as he called out the most renown name in Olympic sprinting history, Usain Bolt. With both of their top speeds on record, Bolt clearly has the advantage to the naked eye. In the 2009 world championships, Usain reached a top speed of 27.8 MPH, while cheetah’s top speed came from Week 2 in 2016 at 23.2 MPH. Of course, Tyreek was not on a track and was also covered in pads, so it is questionable as to what speed he can truly reach. In this conference, he referred to Bolt as “washed up” and claimed he would absolutely beat him in a 40 yard dash.

The beef continued as both runners have a ton of pride in their running capabilities. Usain responded in a press conference to Tyreek’s challenge, claiming he had “no chance” to which Hill replied with a snarky boastful challenge.

Usain has clearly had enough disrespect, and like my burnt down house, he is all about the smoke. He wasn’t here for a playful respectful race, Bolt wanted it ALL on the line. He said that if cheetah truly wants to race him, he will put one of his gold medals on the line so long as Hill puts up his Super Bowl ring. Talk about a race of confidence.

Should this race fall into effect, God help the poor soul who loses and has to open up twitter for the following two weeks.

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