Wandavision Episode 4 Finally Offers Answers and Teases the Most Powerful Character Yet

Updated: Aug 5

The first of the many new Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney+ Originals has arrived in full force this January, Wandavision. The show takes place only a few weeks after Endgame and months before Spider-Man: Far From Home and follows the Avengers, Wanda Maximoff and Vision, living in a sitcom world where things are clearly not what it seems. It's truly a hell of a mystery/thriller even If you haven't caught up on the MCU and there's only about 2 hours worth of content released so far so catch up while you can.


Admittedly, Wandavision got off to a slow start with episodes 1 and 2 leaning HEAVILY on the sitcom format. Mixed in to the pretty cringe humor were perfectly tense scenes such as vision saving Mr. Hart from choking, Wanda finding the colorized drone, and Wanda rewinding the "Beekeeper" which was really a sword agent. Wanda has the town of Westview, NJ by the balls and nobody knows why.

Enter the S.W.O.R.D. investigators, Monica Rambeau (the little girl from Captain Marvel), Darcy Lewis (Astrophysics Intern from Thor) and Special Agent Jimmy Woo ( FBI agent from Ant-Man and the Wasp). Monica was first introduced as Geraldine, trapped inside Wanda's Universe. In episode 3, Wanda is speaking with Geraldine about the new twins, Billy and Tommy, when she mentions Ultron. In Wanda's Universe, the previous events of the MCU don't seem to have taken place and this marks the first time Wanda is confronted with reality. Damn she's actually scary too, tossing Geraldine threw four walls (a reference to Monica breaking the forth wall in Wanda's World) and straight out of Westview. She beat the piss out of Thanos 1v1 and held him off while he was wielding five infinity stones with one hand; there's plenty to be scared of.

Further behind the scenes, Agent Woo and Darcy have begun unraveling the mystery for the audience. Darcy gets right to work patronizing coworkers and doing science magic to watch Wanda's sitcom from the SWORD base. The show we have watched from episodes 1-3 was also meta watched by SWORD during episode 4.

"So you're saying the universe created a sitcom starring two Avengers?" -Jimmy Woo

Almost Jimmy almost. By the end of the episode and with the return of Monica the SWORD team finally understands Wanda is in control and holding the town of Westview hostage but is she really to blame?

Is Agnes responsible for Wanda's breakdown?

The mystery around Wanda's eccentric neighbor Agnes has helped drive the show since the first episode. At first, suspicion surrounded her absent husband Ralph who she seemingly hates. Then, viewers noticed the same necklace being reused in the different decades fashion, but always a centerpiece to her outfit.

A similar necklace to the an iconic necklace of the Marvel Sorceress Agatha Harkness.

Agatha is a witch from the days of the Salem witch trials, she is extremely well practiced in magic and has in the past been an ally of Wanda. Since magic is still being introduced fully into the MCU, Agatha's power level is a complete mystery but I imagine for the sake of the show she'll be able to go toe-to-toe with Wanda if need be. If Agnes however, remains an ally of Wanda, then the villain of the series will be... Ralph.

Did you catch the shape of the Westview area that is cut off? It was pretty quick but Agent Woo mentioned it was in the shape of a hexagon. Make you think of anyone? Let me help.

The Devil. Or as they call him in Marvel, Mephisto. This might be a stretch only going off of the six equal sides, angles, and triangles in a hexagon, 666, but with the future of the MCU I think it's just ambitious enough. Mephisto is a master manipulator of men in the comics as one of the cosmic beings that uses humans as entertainment. Ralph/Mephisto could be minipulating Agnes/Agatha into controlling Wanda. I'm not sure what Mephisto would stand to gain from all this but I have a feeling our friend Dr. Strange will be by soon enough to fill us in.

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