What Happened to DeMarcus Cousins?

Updated: Aug 5

Since being drafted in 2010, the Kentucky Alum DeMarcus Cousins has since played for 4 different teams; the Sacramento Kings, New Orleans Pelicans, Golden State Warriors, and Houston Rockets (*He was signed to LA but never played due to injury). The 4x all star and 2x all NBA player however has had the quiet the fall from grace, so... what happened?

For starters Demarcus "Boogie" Cousins was drafted to one of the worst franchises in all of sports (at the time) the Sacramento Kings, and it took him a total of 4 years to break the 20 PPG threshold with the team (avg 22ppg in 71 games played). Call it a slow start of you want, but I won't. I remember being in high school at the time thinking to myself DeMarcus Cousins is really that dude, and at times he looked like the best big man in the league, and sometimes a top 10 player in the league.

However the fall of DeMarcus Cousins really began as he started to get more injury prone, which was mainly in New Orleans during his 6th and 7th season where he ended up rupturing his left achilles. As a boogie fan, this really sucked, because if you can remember him, and Anthony Davis were really up to something before LeBron came and snagged AD from them. But, that's neither here nor there, since that injury Demarcus moved on from the Pelicans, to go ring chasing in Golden State with the likes of Steph, Klay, KD and Draymond in 2018.

When Boogie went to the Warriors, the internet flailed there arms and said what the fuck is going on. Although this man was coming off a decent recovery season after the ruptured achilles, the basketball world still accepted him to be THAT dude, the DeMarcus Cousins who will drop 50 out of nowhere get on the microphone and say "I am the best in the world". Despite the preconceived notions, Boogie's time with the Warriors was short-lived and uneventful, as he tore his left quad in the playoffs opening round against the Clippers that season. Assuming the achilles and the quad were related, its safe to say Boogie rushing himself back onto the floor was what caused this, but he was not going to give up.

The next season Demarcus signed a vet minimum to play for the Lakers, things were looking up for him, getting a chance to reunite with Anthony Davis and play with LeBron James competing for a championship, it seemed like the perfect fit. Unfortunately for Cousins he again had injured himself, this time his left ACL. An absolute dagger through the heart for him and the Lakers, who were hoping to get an all star level player on their team for cheap. Boogie never suited up for the Lakers that year, which takes us into this season.

In the 2021 offseason Boogie was again reunited with a former teammate, this time from his college days college in Kentucky on the Houston Rockets. Unless you live under a rock you'll know I am talking about John Wall. However the theme of being let down followed Demarcus to Houston, despite trading James Harden to the Nets, and having him and John really control the culture of the team, Rockets management decided to cut him, with NBA insiders claiming he was taking away learning experience from their young and talented forward Christian Wood (who ended up being an all-star this season).

So now here we are, it is April 4th, Easter Sunday and the NBA season is close to over, in what would be Demarcus's 13th season played (including the year with LAL), Cousins is rumored to be signing a 10 day contract with the struggling Los Angeles Clippers, joint Kawhi and Paul George. All I can say and I think everyone for that matter can say is I hope it works out for him, because as a fan when Boogie Cousins is playing well the NBA is better, but unfortunately I think he's been injured too much to put up anywhere near the numbers he put up on the Kings and Pelicans. But hey, who knows.

However, if this really is it for Demarcus his story will be one of the most infamous "what if" stories of all time, because if not for the ridiculous and typically career ending injuries he suffered, I think we would be looking at a hall of fame career. But at the same time, what the fuck do I know