What Have The Giants Done in Free Agency?

We are officially two days and two nights in Free Agency and the Giants have done almost nothing, leaving their fanbase in absolute shambles as we are looking ahead at what could be another let down of a season in 2021.If you don't already know, here's what the G Men have done thus far:

Resigned Nate Solder

Resigned Leonard Williams

Signed John Ross (From the Bengals)

Signed Devontae Booker

Lets go over the good and the bad of these moves:

Nate Solder:

Solder is 32 years old coming off a COVID Sit Out Season which hopefully did him some good since Father Time has clearly been catching up with him. Being realistic, Giants fans are not happy about this move, I however am a little indifferent. My thought process is simple: The Giants gave him an awful contract when we first got him, and during this offseason him and the team re-negotiated his deal to a lower salary, Solder is also an older player coming who just took a season off, he should be fresh both mentally and physically, and has had plenty of time to get to know Joe Judges Offensive System. Overall I would give this a C+ grade, realistically Solder has been utter dogs hit for the Giants in the past, and I am truly praying this gap year will give him the resurgence he needs to be able to compete as a top 15-10 LT for a struggling Daniel Jones.

Leonard Williams:

When new broke of Leonard Williams resigning I think I speak for Giants fans everywhere when I say we all took a massive sigh of relief. At 26, Leonard Williams had a career year (similar to what the Knicks are seeing with Julius Randle but that's a completely different story), getting the 7th highest sacks in the league with 11.5 and forcing 3 fumbles. To say Leonard Williams was pivotal to the effectiveness to this defense would be an understatement, and if it were not for him and James Bradberry I think the Mara family would have no choice but to put Dave Gettlemen on Unemployment, starving for those stimmys like the rest of us. All jokes aside though bringing back Leonard Williams was of course priority number 1, does it suck we lost Dalvin Tomlinson because of it? Yes. But given the season he had the Giants Front office was really left with no choice.

John Ross:

One word to describe this move.... Wow. Giants Fans and even fans of other teams were expecting the Front Office to make a serious run at just about any other wide receiver, but in particular Kenny Golloday and Marvin Jones Jr.... and we got John Ross. With that said I can see why the Giants took a chance on him, I mean 2 Receptions for 17 Yards last season really stands out as a diamond in the rough type situation... but for real, Ross has been in the league for 4 years now and his most memorable moment was when he ran a ridiculous 40 yard dash in 4.22 seconds. Realistically speaking the talent/makings of a WR1 is there, but I think he needs to play with a better offense than what the Giants currently have for him to have any sort of standout year. Unless the Giants stun everyone including me (which I will of course be happy about) expect Ross to bring absolutely nothing to the table, other than maybe a few extra yards on special teams and potential a torn ACL by week 5. Disclaimer: I really hope this take ages poorly, but I highly doubt it.

Devontae Booker:

I mean what the fuck guys. Saquan Barkley is a top 5 running back in the NFL, and after his injury Wayne Gallman really stepped in to the starting RB role and was even a top 20-15 back in the league come seasons end. Running those two side by side should work wonders next season and keep opposing defenses constantly on their toes, so why the fuck did we sign the Raiders back up running back? At that point if the Giants wanted Devontae Booker so bad someone should've just taken the money they were going to pay him and given it to a random dude on the street, and told him to suit up on Sundays. Because that's all Devontae Booker brings to the table.

Overall the Giants are likely fucked next season, unless they have an incredible draft. On the bright side of things the Giants still have: Saquan, James Bradberry, Logan Ryan, Leonard Williams, Blake Martinez, and Jabrill Peppers. Hopefully Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard can have comeback years this season, and Daniel Jones can lower his turnover/TD ratio, but at the end of the day I just don't know. From the looks of things Gettleman needs to have a great draft in April, and Joe Judge is going to have to really pull something out of this team if we want to be anywhere near the playoffs. Really praying things pan out.

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