Where Will Stafford Go?

Matthew Stafford has finally called it quits from Detroit. I really can't say I blame the guy. The Lions are simply a poverty franchise, and there is no way his loyalty to the franchise should be in question. He is a certified top pick and deserved to get drafted where he did. Shame on the Lions for giving him incompetent coaches and surrounding him with league average talent consistently. He really is a warrior, he played through injury, and never complained. Fans love this guy, and he gave everything he had to a franchise who never deserved him in the first place. So now that he's gone, where does he go? He has to go somewhere that is ready to win now. However, the quarterback market could get murky with guys like Dak, Watson, and maybe even Rodgers being available. I'll dive in to a few scenarios that could be perfect to get Stafford back into the playoffs.

Option 1: Indianapolis Colts

This makes a ton of sense. Philip Rivers and his fuck-ton of children are moving on. The Colts are still ready to win now with their roster, and Jacoby Brissett is not it. They also don't have a high enough draft pick to get a top guy in the draft. The Colts need to go for this, they had everything you could ever want in a franchise QB and he decided to just retire one day. Obviously, guys like Luck don't come around much, but Stafford is a hell of an alternative. With Stafford, I would not be surprised to see this team in the AFC Championship game next season.

Option 2: Pittsburgh Steelers

I'm not sure if the Steelers are willing to part with assets or money to make this realistic, but it's unquestionably time to close the book on Big Ben. The team has weapons, they have the defense, and they have the head coach. Stafford could really thrive for the next few years here, and allow for an easy transition away from Ben. I'd rather not try to go with a young guy, because with Stafford they still can be the best team in the AFC North.

Option 3: Washington Football Team

This... this is extremely intriguing. In a weak division, Stafford keeps Washington at the top for the next year or two for sure. Fraud Haskins is gone, Alex Smith, as great a story as he is, is not effective, and please stop with the Heinicke bullshit. That front 7 is easily top 3 in the league currently, and Terry McLaurin has carved out a wide-receiver one title. The running game is legit, the defense is stout, the team is young and hungry, and adding another weapon in the draft is totally feasible for this team. Look out for this to be a real possibility, and one of the best moves in a while for the Washington franchise. Stafford and a sick new name could be exactly what this franchise needs to escape permanent mediocrity.

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