Who Will be the Saints' New Starting QB?

Updated: Aug 5

If Drew Brees had to list the worst ways he could finish off his career with, I think losing to Tom Brady at home would've been right at the top. It was an absolute heartbreaker for Drew and the Saints fan base. But nobody will ever forget what Drew did for New Orleans. I will not tolerate Drew Brees slander tonight. Guy will go down as a legend.

Yes, very touching.

Now when are we going to address the elephant in the room?

Who. Is. His. Replacement?! Drew is gone and New Orleans is left with making the decision of choosing between Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill. I'm sure they have already made their choice, but I will have a little fun and make the choice myself.

Case for Jameis Winston

Remember when this man was the #1 pick? League Leader in yards?! Okay, ignore the league leader in interceptions. But YARDS?! Jameis signed this contract to learn from Drew Brees and many think this is Drew Brees' successor. Look at this DOT by Winston against Tampa!

Revenge game was on full display.

So, Winston has the talent to be a pro bowl player. However, Tampa Fans will be the first to remind you of his terrible throws.

The risks of starting him are evident. Payton and the Saints have spoken about his progress this year, so he may have fixed a couple of issues he has.

Or, he is the same old player. No in between.

Case for Tayson Hill

Hit the brakes everyone. Despite the Winston as starter rumors, Taysom Hill was the man who took over for Brees when he was injured this year. Didn't do too shabby either (4-1 record). Yes, when you think of him you may think of the Running Back you were able to start as a QB in fantasy. But, believe it or not he was able to throw the ball a bit too.

Hill did have a fumbling problem, however. The guy fumbled six times in four starts and took 13 sacks in his four starts, while Brees has only taken 10 sacks in his nine starts.

So, yes it was not all pretty when he started, but show me a QB who takes over halfway through a season and is all perfect? Regardless of the decision, I do think he showed the NFL he is more than just a backup.

The D Slush Choice

This was a lot more tough than many may think. Either way I honestly believe both players will get a shot to start.

I have to choose.

I want to say Taysom. The guy is a walking highlight reel.

But, my gut tells me Jameis Winston is the choice. The raw talent is too much to pass up, and I truly believe that Sean Payton and the Saints coaching staff will be able to help him reach his potential. I am not saying he will be pick free, but what I am saying is he may be able to take the lessons he has learned from Drew this year and put them in place on the field. Captain Drew will pass the shield to Jameis!

I do have one thing to add

I can't wait to see Jameis and the Saints take on the Taysom Hill - led Detroit Lions.


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