Why are the Yankees Acting like a Small Market Team?

It is no secret that MLB teams' revenue was hit very hard by Covid. The offseason is normally pretty slow moving, but this year it has been crawling along at a snail's pace. Besides the Mets and the Padres, no team has made any headline news leading up to the 2021 World Series. Big names like Bauer, Realmuto, Springer, and DJ are still available and there is no sign that any of them are too close to making a signing. Soooo... where are the Yankees? They haven't made much of an effort to keep Tanaka, DJ remains unsigned, and they are not rumored to have been in on any of the top guys. Hal Steinbrenner would never let this happen, I'm sure he's rolling in his grave watching them get bounced year after year in the divisional round. DJ would've been signed for weeks by now and an effort for Bauer or Realmuto would be made to fill glaring holes on their roster. The Yankees are looking like the small market team in New York so far this year, and haven't done a damn thing about it to save face.

Realistically, the Yankees only need to make one move to make their offseason a success. Resign DJ Lemahieu... or you're fucked. He is unquestionably their best hitter and most consistent presence in that lineup. I get that he is asking for 5 years and he is on the wrong side of 30, but losing him ruins any outside chance the Yankees have of winning the AL. The Rays will still be a menace, the White Sox are on the rise, and the Angels are rumored to sign at least one of the top free agents to pair with Trout, Rendon, and Ohtani. The Yankees rotation is definitely not of championship caliber and they need that lineup to take them to their first World Series in 12 years. Judge and Gleyber cannot do it alone, Stanton is basically the definition of glass bones/paper skin, and Tyler Wade is possibly the biggest downgrade to DJ possible.

So what happens if the Dodgers, Mets, or Angels hoodwink the Yanks and steal their prized possession? Well in typical Yankee fashion they would probably go out and sign Bauer, bring back DiDi, and slide Gleyber over to second. That would actually be a great consolation prize in loosing their star. However, are the Yankees actually that poor and pitiful that they have Tyler Wade fill the void? This is a legacy year for the Yankees, their young guns won't be on cheap deals forever. Their window can be closing before our eyes, do they sit there with their tails under their legs like some bitches, or do they act like the old Yankees that the rest of the league despises. The evil empire is in jeopardy, the death star is on the brink, is it too late for the Yanks to right the ship?

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