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Why is Kansas Football so bad?

The Kansas Jayhawk Football team has been an absolute dumpster fire this season. They are 0-8 and they show no signs of winning a game this season. With Texas Tech and Texas left, the Jayhawks should just forfeit cause it ain't gunna be pretty. So far, the closest loss of the season for them was a 15 point loss to Coastal Carolina in Week 1, who just entered Division I football. Other than that none of their games have been even remotely close. They have the worst defense in the nation as they average giving up 49 points per game. Meanwhile, they have the third-worst offense out of 127 teams as they only average 16 points per game. The average loss the Jayhawks are used to is by at least 33 points. These are just the AVERAGES! Every team that comes into the week playing Kansas knows its gunna be an absolute cakewalk. Kansas is the Big 12's punching bag and just get absolutely manhandled each and every week. They are literally a Junior Varsity team scrimmaging against the Varsity team so the Varsity team can get practice reps in before a game. Players of opposing teams can take out all their anger on Kansas and just beat the shit out of them because they simply just won't compete.

The Jayhawks have not seen a winning season since 2008 and they haven't been close since. They went on a streak where they had not won a game on the road from 2009 all the way until 2018. 46 GAMES IN A ROW on the road and they had not won a single one until they beat a lowly MAC conference Central Michigan team. How the fuck do you lose 46 games in a row on the road. Kansas is in the Big12 conference, so they are a Power 5 team. They are not even close to deserving a spot in a Power 5 conference because they are historically abhorrent. The only reason they are allowed to stay is that their basketball team is so good and consistently ranked in the top 10 every season. It's acceptable for teams to have off years, but every year for the past 12 years has been an off-year for Kansas.

There are 29,000 students are enrolled at the University of Kansas and you are telling me that you can't find at least 10 decent football players who can make plays and win a game once in a while? Give me a break. This is the most depressing program in the history of sports. Even the Lions have a winning season once in a while. Its not even like their games are close to any opponent to play no matter the level.

This team has LES MILES as the head coach and even he can't fix the program. To put it in perspective for how bad this football program is, Les Miles's career coaching record before going to Kansas was 142-55. His record in 2 seasons at Kansas is 3-15. Les Miles is not a loser, he is a natural-born winner, and coaching this shit show of a program has to be slowly killing him inside. Look up the stats yourself, the numbers never lie and this Kansas Football program is fucking terrible. This team is so fucking bad that it mine as well just stop funding the program and shut it down. Just shut it down it's embarrassing. This just simply has to be one of the worst football teams in NCAA history. But to answer the question why is Kansas football so bad? The world may never know.

Kansas Jayhawks 2020 Football Season (so far)

vs Coastal Carolina- L 38-23

@ Baylor- L 47-14

vs #17 Oklahoma State- L 47-7

@ West Virginia - L 38-17

@ #20 KSU- L 55-14

vs #23 Iowa State - L 52-22

@ #19 Oklahoma - L 62-9

vs Texas Christian (TCU)- L 59-23

Combined Scores

398 Opponents

129 Kansas Like I said not even close!

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