Why Kyrie Irving Looks Skinny This Offseason

The video was posted on Bleacher Report as this young fan was calling out Kyrie Irving saying he could take him 1v1. Kyrie went on to response "In what universe bro?", which got plenty of laughs of course.

For me, however, I was not really focusing on what they were saying, but for how skinny Kyrie Irving looked. I was actually concerned for a few minutes as I thought he may even have an underlying illness we do not know about.

I am not the only one to see this and think it. Twitter had many people wondering if he was on drugs or if he was going through something of the court.

What I like to think is that is a secret work out athletes do to lose all the fat plus muscle and gain muscle back. This would result in excellent stamina and its what guys like Tom Brady and LeBron James do every off-season.

Only time will tell and for all we know he will have that muscle back in a month. I personally, was a bit concerned and still am so lets hope Kyrie is doing alright.

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