Why Najee Harris Will Win Your Fantasy League For You

Preseason Football. The start of these games helps mark the beginning to the NFL season which ACTUALLY marks the start to something bigger. Fantasy Football.

Oh yes, this will be you at some point during the next few weeks. During your fantasy draft, you will be going to be searching for your diamond in the rough that you think your Matthew Berry articles helped you find.


There is always a guy that outplays his draft stock and helps win you some games.

This year we have Najee Harris.


There isn't much to hate here. Only things to love.

Lack of competition, Monster final season of college, great ADP, Big Body ready for goal line touches, an old QB that will have to lean towards the run, should I keep going?

RB1 talent in the second round? Not lasting until the second round in my league. I am taking him with the Fifth pick if I land it. Okay, calm down. Maybe I am just a little excited and I should wait to watch him a bit in the preseason.

Thursday Night Preseason Opener:

I've seen enough. Put him on the sidelines. Keep my Number 1 overall pick fresh.

You read that right. Yes. Number 1.


In all seriousness, I am sold enough to make such a statement on draft night. In all likelihood I will wait and take advantage of his fantastic value as his ADP is for a second rounder. However, if there is any speculation that a league mate has a particular liking for Harris, I will not hesitate to pull the trigger.

Best of luck with your drafts, this is the key to the coveted trophy. It is for me at least. The only worry I have is that my fantasy league rivals will read this article.

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