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Will LaVar Ball and Michael Jordan ever 1-on-1?

Okay, Personally I love LaMelo Ball getting drafted to the Hornets. Not just because he'll be a good fit there with Rozier, Graham, and Gordon, but because of the walking headline of a father he has. The enigma of LaVar Ball is part of the reason why no other professional sports league around the world can compare to the NBA, so pairing that alongside the best basketball player and competitor in history is bound to lead to some fun. LaVar has taken countless shots to Jordan over the years, but now with Jordan drafting his son he clearly can't be too brutal... Still being cocky though saying "greatness recognizes greatness" after LaMelo got drafted to the Hornets. There's no point of mentioning all the things he's said over the past week or two because there's ALOT, especially with LiAngelo recently getting pickup by the Pistons, One of the more recent headlines that stuck out was last Wednesday on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast when he was asked about one of his former shots he took on Jordan about a 1-on-1 game he says: “Well if you’re waiting for it, hurry up and get in touch with pay per view because me and Mike ain’t playing for less than $200 million. That’s what we say. If you’re going to watch Mike Tyson at 50, you’re going to watch me and MJ play just 1-on-1 for pay per view only. And it better be over $200 million…If the people in the world want to see that 1-on-1, they going to have to pay a price. From the greatest of all-time to the coldest of all-time. Triple B’s baby!” So obviously this was just LaVar being LaVar and he most likely meant nothing of it; I can see it happening though. Mike Tyson made $10 Million of the fight that happened last week, with Roy Jones Jr. making a good $3 Million.

You're telling me if Michael Jordan got back on the court to ball up they wouldn't offer him nearly double that? LaVar's net worth is only a mere $4 million and that is definitely an overestimate so you'd know if he had the chance to get on camera and play for money, he would. Jordan on the other hand would be hard to convince, but I feel like if offered a chance to shut LaVar up and get a few laughs out of it he might possibly take it.

Who would win?

No point in actually trying to take this seriously because clearly MJ would win but that would be fucking hilarious if we got to see Jordan embarrass LaVar on the court. You'd know LaVar would come out with Maximum effort thought which would be the funniest part- easily would get one or two bullshit buckets. At least if they did this game they wouldn't be complete joke and end with a fucking draw like the Tyson fight...I'm still fucking pissed about that.

I'm curious what the odds for that game would be?

Easily Jordan like -3000

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